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AUG Migration Live – Tips from successful PR candidates

Hear from our real successful stories to discover how you can overcome difficulties to achieve your PR dream.

After a series of AUG info session about different pathways and requirements to Permanent Residency in different states, are you curious about how the actual procedure and successor at “OlymPR” looks like?

Let’s hear from our 3 successful stories who have achieved their Permanent Residency with the assistance from AUG Migration Agents. Want some tips? Here’s your chance to!


1. Brandon – Computer Network & System Engineer

2. Chiharu – ICT Business Analyst

3. Cynthia Tee – Marketing Specialist

Our Migration Agents will also be there to give you advice for any questions:

Mr. Jaz WONG, MARN 1683189

Mr. Richard Nie, MARN 1680780



May 19

Time: 06:30 pm - 08:00 pm


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