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Professional Business English Programme (PBEP)

Diploma / Advance Diploma.
Kaplan Singapore

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About the course

This course provides the foundation for further study in areas such as languages, interpreting and translating. In many cases, successful completion of a Diploma may give you a full year of credit towards a degree.

What you might learn

During this course, you will develop skills through subjects such as communication in media interpretation, writing official documents and computer-assisted translation tools. By the end of the course, students should be able to find employment in the industry or apply for a Bachelors degree.

Career outcome

Upon graduating from this program, you may be employed in roles such as content writer, translator, interpretor, proofreader, journalist, web designer, and etc. in companies including Random House, Penguin Books, BBC, McCann, SAGE Publications, and etc.


2 months - 10 months

Special Tuition Fees Offers to Malaysians

Kaplan Singapore is offering special tuition fees to Malaysian students. Click here to find out more.

Living Costs in Singapore**

(Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant)
S$ 11 - 15

Rent per Month
(1 bedroom in City Centre)
S$ 2,429 - 3,213

Rent per Month
(1 bedroom Outside of Centre)
S$ 1,570 - 2,076

S$ 4 - 5

Utilities per Month
(Electricity, Mobile & Internet)
S$ 166 - 219

Average Salary**


Tuition fees per week

S$ 314



10 months

Upcoming Intakes

Aug 2019

Course Code



+65 6227 0380


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