In addition to the Classic Course, which includes 15 hours of English lessons per week, students will receive 9 hours per week of professional golf coaching with a PGA-qualified coach.
Levels of ability: Beginner to Advanced
Students will learn about the key skills involved in playing golf and will practice them under the coach’s expert guidance.

DATES 6 July – 4 Aug
DURATION 1 – 4 weeks
AGE REQUIREMENTS 8-17 years (groups)
12-17 years (individuals)
FEE £205 per week
Tuition fees Accommodation
Meals Field trips
Extracurricular activities
Air Tickets
Visa Fee (if needed)
Airport transfers
REMARKS Students will have the opportunity to learn new skills and techniques, improve their existing ones, and put them into practice.
The course is taught entirely in English, so students improve their language skills as they train and play.
Founded in 1859, the impressive Oratory School stands in extensive park-like grounds in the village of Woodcote, near Reading.





Location: Reading