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World’s best countries in quality of life – Australia ranked 2nd


A UN report measuring the quality of life ranked Australia as the 2nd best amongst 188 countries around the world.

The report assessed three main areas including economic situation, education and life expectancy (reflected through gross national income, mean and expected years of schooling, life expectancy at birth respectively). Australia recorded a .935 on the band of 19 in the Human Development Index (HDI) which secured her the second spot on the list, effectively beating Switzerland (3rd place). Norway is the only nation to have a higher score.

According to the report, Australians can expect to live up to an average of 82-and-a-half years, have a mean 13 years of schooling and the gross national income per person is $58,618. However despite living four years longer and spending more time on schooling, Australian women earn a much lower income compared to men. Their average gross national income is at $46,727, while the men’s are significantly higher at $70,620.

While Norway beat Australia by recording a better gross national income ($90,148), they scored lower on the life expectancy scale (81.6 years old) and also on the number of years of schooling (12.6 years).

Other countries in the top ten include Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Ireland, US, New Zealand and Canada, while Singapore is the top Asian country at 11th place.


1. Norway

2. Australia

3. Switzerland

4. Denmark

5. Netherlands

6. Germany

7. Ireland

8. United States

9. Canada // New Zealand (tied)

11. Singapore

Source: & UN HDI report, 17/12/2015