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Leaving your country soon and starting a new adventure in Australia?
Have a million and one things to do but need a checklist?


Follow our pre-departure guide to ensure you don’t overlook anything!

1. Ensure your student visa is sorted and granted. Your local AUG branch counsellor would have forwarded to you if the visa has been granted. Otherwise, keep closely in touch with the AUG counsellor on your visa application status

2. Valid passport. Nothing is worse than travelling with an expired or soon to expire passport. Also ensure that your passport is valid for the entire duration of your studies!

3. Book your flights

4. Arrange your accommodation and airport pick-up. Please refer to your local AUG office counsellor for guidance and further info.

5. Look-up your Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) provider website and be aware of your health coverage and entitlements for your entire studying duration in Australia

6. If under any particular medical condition or attention, ensure to have your doctor to prepare a medical letter (in English) and prescribed medicine list

7. Purchase travel insurance

8. Exchange and ensure enough cash upon arrival for necessary expenses (SIM Card, transport, groceries etc.). Also ensure to have enough money in your bank balance to open your Australian bank account (approx. $500-1000)

9. Pack a physical folder of important documents (offer letter, Confirmation of Enrolment, student visa grant notification, identification documents, important contact numbers etc.)

10. Find out the location of your country’s Embassy/Consulate/High Commission in Australia, especially in your destination city

11. Note the dates of your Orientation events and attend them!

12. Be sure to attend the nearest AUG Plus New Students Welcome Day event 😊