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QS hails Australia’s improved subject rankings


The University of Sydney has been ranked equal best university in the world for the study of sports-related disciplines, in a subject areas ranking by QS.

But it is Monash University’s meteoric rise from 21st to second place in pharmacy and pharmacology in just two years that is particularly noteworthy, according to QS.

The University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney were placed across the highest number of the 46 subject areas, recording top-20 placements in 14 categories.

“This represents a substantial improvement for the University of Sydney, which recorded nine last year. In doing so, it surpasses the Australian National University (11 top-20 subjects), and the Universities of NSW and Queensland (six top-20 subjects each), according to QS.

“One particularly noteworthy observation is that every single one of the Australian universities placing in the global top 10 for a subject last year has improved its rank for that subject,” a QS spokeswoman said.

Last year, no Australian university recorded a top-three position, while this year five were recorded, including Curtin University, which was placed second in mineral and mining engineering, with UQ placed third. UQ was also placed third in sports-related subjects — the first time such a category has appeared.

“Australia’s results this year indicate that its higher education is producing excellence in a wide variety of places,” according to QS. It produced four institutions with a ranking in the top 20 for anatomy and physiology, education, law and nursing.

However, Australia’s strongest national performance was in minerals and mining engineering, in which six universities were in the top 20.

Harvard was placed first in 15 subject areas, ahead of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT with 12 No 1 spots.