Graduate Program (GP)

As a company that has consistently exhibited strong growth over the last two decades and relentlessly pursued its international ambitions, AUG is the ideal place for bright young minds to begin training for their professional career. Through our Graduate Program (GP), AUG has built a platform for recent graduates to gain work experience in their chosen field, while also receiving career planning assistance to further broaden their professional goals. The GP also endeavours to promote cultural exchange, the exchange of ideas and cooperation across different cultures.


Global Alumni Network Link

In joining AUG’s GP Network, you will enjoy exchanging ideas and tackling cross cultural challenges with former and present program participants to promote ongoing professional development. As an AUG GP alumnus, you will also have priority access to our international talent pool database upon graduation for professional linkage and networking across the globe

Mentorship Support

You will be working alongside with an immediate supervisor, who will also provide all round mentorship support. The objective is to promote dialogue throughout your GP, allowing you the opportunity to share your goals and insights with us, and provide and receive the feedback

Positive Environment

You will be working in an environment that is encouraging and positive, and with a group of similarly passionate people. The objective is for you to tap into your potential to encourage personal growth, as well as foster an inclusive team environment

Recognition and Recommendation

On completion of the Graduate Program period of 18 months, a permanent full-time position will be offered within your skills and experience, if you and AUG are confident of your suitability to the role and on the provisos that there is a full time permanent position for the job role and that you hold a valid Australian visa with eligibility of full-time working rights.
Upon request, we can provide you with a recommendation letter to assist you with your future job applications.

Who are we looking for?

  • Adaptable to change
  • Flexible in handling tasks
  • Eager to explore
  • Willing to embrace challenges
  • Inclusive and open minded

Your Graduate Program will be to learn and experience the broad challenges and complexity of leadership and management.


General Requirements

  • You have graduated (bachelor degree or higher) in the last 3 years
  • or in your final year of university studies
  • You have a valid visa with work rights
  • Experience in a cross-cultural settings
  • Good grasp of English (Spoken and Written)
  • Proficiency in an Asian language is an advantage

Work Task Area

GP benefits

  • Cost of transportation for work-related tasks
  • Insurance coverage for the duration of your Graduate Program
  • Meal allowances for interstate or overseas assignments
  • Accommodations (If applicable)
  • Return flights for interstate or overseas assignments (If applicable)


Applications for the Graduate Program are open all year round. Please email your Cover Letter and Resume to