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Need a scholarship?

The University of Western Australia is the sixth oldest university in Australia. UWA is well-known university and consistently maintaining their record in the rank number 7 in Australia and 96th globally. It is the only University in Western Australia under the group of eight that promoting a high-quality education. There are a variety of courses […]

Monash University: Business School

The group of eight Australia consists of the top eight respective universities in Australia that has the peak of education quality and the highest rank in Australia. Monash University is one out of 8 other universities in the group 8 and the top of one percent of world universities. Monash is proudly holding their sustainable […]

If you believe you can fly, YOU CAN!

Do you like flying? Not literally flying like how the superhero does, what about flying an aeroplane? It sounds like a good idea and if you have that very interest, I bet YOU will be interested to become a certified Pilot. Becoming a Pilot is a very prominent career nowadays. Well, we have a good […]

National Gallery of Victoria: “Van Gogh and the Seasons”

The Arts are always at the pinnacle in Australia, especially in Melbourne. It has become a Melbourne speciality when it comes to Arts. Due to that, there are heaps arts events. Last July, there was an exhibition “Van Gogh: And The Seasons”, held at The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. The exhibition revealed the […]

Melbourne Writer’s Festival 2017

Melbourne is known as UNESCO City of Literature and due to that, the annual event “The Melbourne Writers Festival” is part of world alliance that in partnership with the other eight literary festival which supports and showcase the work of the writers, and it is coming up real soon! For those who love to read, […]

Royal Melbourne Show 2017

Cold day? Hang in there, folks! The Spring season is approaching soon! To celebrate the arrival of The Spring season, with a good will, we at AUG Melbourne would like to share and give away free tickets for everyone* to come and join us at Royal Melbourne Show from 23rd September 2017 to 3rd October […]