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Working alongside an immediate […]

Global Employability University Rankings 2018

Global Employability University Rankings 2018
Four Australian universities recently made it to the Top 50 list in an annual global ranking measuring university performance and graduates’ employability.
The University of Sydney came in at 4th place, while The University of Melbourne placed at 7th. The University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney) came in at 36th place, […]

University of Sydney graduates rated the most employable in Australia

Ranked #1 in Australia and 4th in the world for graduate employability
University of Sydney graduates are the most employable in Australia and are among the top 5 most sought-after by employers worldwide, according to the latest 2017 QS Graduate Employability Rankings.

The University jumped 10 spots from its position last year to achieve a ranking of […]

World’s best countries in quality of life – Australia ranked 2nd

A UN report measuring the quality of life ranked Australia as the 2nd best amongst 188 countries around the world.

The report assessed three main areas including economic situation, education and life expectancy (reflected through gross national income, mean and expected years of schooling, life expectancy at birth respectively). Australia recorded a .935 on the band […]

Seven Australian cities made it into the top 75 best student cities this year

MAGICAL Melbourne has been named Australia’s best city for international students and second best in the world ahead of Tokyo, Sydney and London.
Paris came top in the QS Best Student Cities Index for the fourth year in a row, which was compiled before last month’s terrorist attacks. The ratings measure cities on their quality of […]

Study in the Land of Braveheart: Scotland

Study in the Land of Braveheart: Scotland

Mengapa Skotlandia?
Skotlandia merupakan sebuah negara dengan sejarah yang kaya dan menarik banyak peminat, sejarah yang selalu dihubungkan dengan klan keluarga, kain tartan, puri atau kastil-kastil peninggalan, dan puisi Robert Burns, Arthur Conan Doyle (pencipta Sherlock Holmes). Dengan memiliki sejarah dan identitas yang kuat, Skotlandia memiliki perekonomian yang kian bertumbuh […]