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Kaplan Voted "Best Private School" in Singapore

Kaplan (SG) Voted “Best Private School”

AUG Student Services would like to congratulate our partner, Kaplan Singapore, for being voted “Best Private School” at the annual AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards 2013.

AsiaOne is a free-access, one-stop information portal which serves users’ news, business and lifestyle needs.

The awards honour the best in consumer products and services. Over 180,000 votes from the public were cast from October 2012 to January 2013, with over 200 nominees for the 27 award categories.

This award affirms Kaplan’s status as a leading institution in Singapore’s highly competitive private education industry. More importantly, it recognizes the hard work and dedication of all at Kaplan as they “build futures one success story at a time”.

For further information on Kaplan Singapore or to apply, do contact one of our friendly AUG counsellors.


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