International High School Dessert Making + Hotpot Night



* Year 11 and Year 12 International High School Students Only *


Dessert Making Detail:

We will make strawberry mochi cake and strawberry milk crepe with the students at UniLodge (Hindley Street, near KFC).


Please bring along your own containers to take away delicious dessert! It is yours once you made it. What’s better than sharing the sweetness with friends during the weekend!


Please be aware that you should attend both events if you want to join us on next Friday. (**You can’t choose only one activity to participate)**


Please arrive at 4 p.m sharp!



Hotpot Night

This hotpot session is followed by the dessert making activities at the same place. AUG will prepare everything for you!


All you have to do is to bring along your friends and enjoy the dessert-making session and hotpot night with us.


We hope you will enjoy yourself throughout this event with us. Looking forward to seeing you next Friday!


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