Post Thank You Celebration Messages

My joy is to see all enjoy the night and to see AusEd ( AUG) succeed to what it is today

It is gratifying to see that one who succeed do not forget the roots.
I am sure Martin stand proud and happy for you to see the result of AusEd today and knowing that the seed for the 22 Branches was planted in the small room of his office.

May you continue to enjoy the fruits of the seed you planted

Dennis Teen

We had a lovely night and thoroughly enjoyed the show.
Great staff, great service, great energy and a great cause.
Glad to be able to assist.

Best wishes

Seng Wee and Melanie

THANK YOU for the invitation to be part of the fantastic event and the fabulous night to celebrate the milestone--20th Anniversary of your loved and inspiring AUG journey!

I believe this achievement is a result of all AUGers’ efforts and hard-work, but I am sure they are all enjoying your family-oriented caring…

Your generosity is certainly impressive, and you are obviously leading the way for to-give-back and to-share with the communities.

On behalf of Box Hill Institute Group and also myself personally, we are so grateful to be there to celebrate the important event which I am sure also indicates many more successful 20 years to come…. Go AUG!!!

John Qiu, Box Hill Institute Group

Many thanks for including Ann and myself in your 20th Anniversary celebrations.

It was a magnificent evening with an impressive display of support from all your staff and long term clients for AUG and the rebuilding project in Nepal.

We trust that the accumulated funds are up to expectation for the task ahead.

All our love and support

Larry and Ann

I want to echo Sophia’s words – what a great night you put on for us last Saturday! Many thanks to you and the AUG team, and am also looking forward to a good 2016!
All the best

Sebastian Raneskold, Flinders University

I had really good time in Malaysia.
Thank you for giving me the chance to see your beautiful country and participate in the events.
I enjoyed every step along the way there.

Krishna Regmi, Nepal

I was honoured to be part of the very special event tonight. What a wonderful family AUG has!

I look forward to working with you and your team in the coming years.

Daniel Konno, University of Canberra

I would like to Thank You both for giving me the opportunity to be part of the AUG 20th Anniversary Event celebration.

Seeing the grandness of the celebration and the success of AUG, I felt so proud to have been part of it.

The warm welcome from the staff from all over and the many many hugs and warm wishes received from them, I was really touch and happy at the same time. I will miss being part of AUG but am happy to have had the opportunity to have been part of it.

I like to Thank you also for the awards and prizes.

I wish you both & AUG continued success ahead.

Alice Hwa

Congratulations on the important milestone.
Thank you for your support and commitment to education and for your efforts with providers, students and the families to introduce the exciting opportunities that overseas education brings.

Holmeglen looks forward to the next 20 years journey with AUG. Thank you for the awesome anniversary celebration.

Michelle Fernandez, Holmesglen College

Thank you for having Sebastian and I at the Anniversary Dinner . It was indeed the “Dinner of the Year”. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself that night and I’m sure I can speak on behalf of Sebastian as well.

A very impressive night and a big congratulations to the committee members on the excellent organisation of the night’s full program.
Well done!!

Look forward to working closely with AUG in the future.

Sophia Tan, Flinders University

Congratulations on an awesome event last week, a really good night.

James Kelly, Study Group

Hope all is well! It was a great night indeed last Sat and congratulations again.

Jason Foo, Macquarie International

Good day to you.

Thanks for the opportunity given to us to host and witness your successful 20th Anniversary. The event run down was really impressive.

Thank you so much and glad to have your staff support throughout so many branches.
We will continue to service your better!

Sally Choong, Taylor’s Education Group

Congratulations again on the 2 decades of AUG successes and we were honoured to be there celebrating with all of you during the event.

Thanks once again, for the wonderful evening.

Peter Voon, pusat tuisyen medan jaya

Thank you (and AUG) for the splendid Saturday Night,
and on behalf of MAAC, I would like to congratulate you once again on your 20th anniversary.

Jane Teh, Acting Vice President (Education & Welfare), MAAC

It was a fantastic night and we all thoroughly and completely enjoyed ourselves. It was the talk of the office on Monday. Pictures have been flying around on social media and I have even had comments from other education agents and service providers about the event- they weren’t even there!

It was so much fun- truly. And it was great to see you enjoy yourself too.
All the best

Melissa Banks

Congratulation to you both.
Building on global business certainly takes a lot of hard work and patience.

All the very best for years to come.

Jolene Son and Jimmy Son

Thanks for your invitation to join this wonderful celebration and achievement of AUG.

Kenneth asked me on Saturday if I knew about the history before his speech. I told him I know it very well as I have started my first job at Swinburne in 1996 with Ian McCormack being the Director of International Student Unit at Swinburne. I told Ken I love to work with your team as I have closed working with Melbourne team when I was working with Sally Armstrong at RMIT's Business Faculty through Alice Hua sending through the student for a special interview then liaised with the Admissions at RMIT International for speed up the process in obtaining offers. Then I worked with Cindy Lau in Hong Kong when I came back to RMIT in 2008 when I was in charged for Hong Kong market. All AUG staff are always very professional and they are champions with great passionate to provide the best services to the student!!

Tin, you are a such genuine and generous man! It's been my pleasure to work with you all

Wendy Shih, RMIT International (China)

Thank you Mr. Wong for your dedication and passion towards helping international students & making sure they have a good/great experience here.
I had an amazing night? You and your team are truly inspirational.
Good luck for AUG, hope your project in Nepal goes smoothly. Here’s a small gift from me to the kids at Nepal.
Thank you Mr. Wong,

Nina Khairina, CISA

Thanks again for the invite, we'd enjoyed the great night!
Well done.


Lisa Hwang, University of Sunderland

Thanks heaps for the honor to be part of AUG's celebration dinner and to be part of this charitable cause!
It was a fun and memorable night, well done to you and the entire team!

Karen Leung, The University of Sydney

Thank you for throwing a great party last night to celebrate such a milestone .

Congratulations again to both you and Alice and of course the great AUG team .

Claudine Ngoh and Ong Kar Yee, The University of Melbourne

A very happy morning to you James and all the colleagues at AUG.....smashing dinner surrounded by loads of warmth, pride and joy.

Thank you once again for the awards and the support granted to Taylors and to my team members here at Business Development.

We wouldn’t have gotten this far without each and every one of your dedication, commitment and contribution.
I am sure 2016 will even be a better year for both organizations as we work hand in hand to educate the students to choose their best education pathways.

Much thanks.

Ee Hooi Cheng, Taylor’s University

A big thank you for inviting me over to attend your very well-executed anniversary celebrations.
It’s been a great pleasure to catch up with all of you including your regional teams too.

Thank you to the staff whom I have met in KL and Penang where I could share updates from ACU.

Elaine Koh, ACU International

Thank you for the opportunity to attend this iconic event. I honestly cannot think of another agency in East Asia that could boast the sort of history and network that AUG have.

It was very clear to me that you and your managers have an incredible rapport with your staff and it feels like a great big family.

I felt really proud of your collective achievements in building this network of people and places and wish you another successful 20 years.

Tom Keenan, INTO Partnerships

Can I start by thanking you for hosting the Curtin team in KL. What a fabulous event!

Pankaj Pathak, Curtin College

Congratulations on a fantastic anniversary dinner, I hope you have recovered by now.

Corinne Francken, UQ International

Thank you for organising such a major and successful event.

Samuel Tantra
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