Charity and Community Project

School Rebuilding Project
Dhading, Nepal

I, on behalf of AUG have committed to helping out the village people of Dhading, Nepal. My community project with this village is to help to rebuild their primary school.

At the moment, a temporary big tent (donated by several volunteers) has been built to act as temporary classrooms for schooling.  This temporary tent currently sits on a new plot of land, cleared of earthquake fallen debris, rocks and miscellaneous matter by the village’s women and men.

The destroyed school classrooms was previously located on the side wall of a high cliff, very much like a rice terrace being cut out from the hill slope.  This site has been deemed too dangerous to be rebuilt at the same location, in case another quake or landslides were to hit again.  Hence, now a new lot of land is being used as housing for temporary classrooms.

I will build the school, accordingly with the same look and style of the destroyed classrooms, using the same materials. It will be in rectangular in shape, of equal sizes, housing 3 classrooms and a teacher room.  I will consider the furnishing costing of the classrooms later now. But for now, it’s to rebuild the school 3 classrooms and teacher room. 

I have volunteered to raise fund for this rebuilding. This will make it all worthwhile for AUG to be meaningful entity.

Timeline –
September 2015
Preparation and Planning

  1. Outsourcing of contractors/builders and materials.
  2. Costings and Outgoings to be finalised
  3. Supervisors to be appointed

Finalising/Set timeline for each stage of progress works
October 2015
Building to commence