AUG Prominent Alumni

Freddy Lim

Graduate: Monash University ,1999 Bachelor of Economics with Honours and High Distinction
Employment: Nomura - Managing Director and Global Head of Derivatives Strategy
Brief: Studying in a foreign country is both a rewarding and daunting experience. I am very glad to have embarked on the adventure with AUG in 1996. Their caring, all-rounded and professional advice has made the experience very enriching and enjoyable. Through the years, even though the network of students and AUG alumni has enlarged significantly, AUG remains a very dear organisation to me. For anyone who wants to make the most of their education, they should consult with AUG.
Achievement: (1997-2000) First class honours in economics and econometrics, Top student Econometrics in year 2000
Accolades: Sir John Monash Scholar
Portfolio Manager - Millennium Capital Management Singapore
Portfolio Manager - Citi Capital Advisors and Citi Principal Strategies Group
Paper: Top Economics Paper by the Agricultural & Resource Economics Society Citigroup -APAC Head of G10 Rates Strategy

Peggy Wong

Graduate: RMIT University, 2000 Bachelor of Business (Accountancy)
Current Employment: AUG Financial Controller
Brief: The year was 1997 when I first met Alice Hwa at AUG Melbourne. I was then studying at Holmesglen Institute of TAFE. Having spent all my time in Malaysia before then, I was not doing too well in my studies in Melbourne as I found difficulty to adjust to the culture shock in a new environment. I even thought of transferring back to Malaysia after my first year. However, with the encouragement and advice of Alice, I decided to stay on to continue my studies in RMIT University. Over the years, I got to know many people through AUG; the students and I regard Alice as ‘mummy’ as she was always warm and sincere. Friendships blossom and till today, my friends and I are still recounting the good old times we had as a result of AUG 'Connecting People'. AUG was our home away from home. The Bachelor of Business (Accounting) at RMIT prepared me well for my current position. I was at a loss at what major to specialise in, and I remember Alice telling me that I should consider Accounting, as this profession is recession-proof. Looking back now, I couldn’t agree more
Previous Employment: Land Lease Assistant - Marketing Manager
Rohan, Mah & Partners - Audit Senior

Hao Lan Zhang

Graduate: Victoria University 2004-2007 PHD Computer Science
HECS Award, Victoria University Postgraduate Scholarship Award,
VC Award Nomination, Victoria University
RMIT University, Research Fellow
Currently: The University Melbourne, Honorary Visiting Scholar
Accolades: Associate Professor at NIT, Zhejiang University in China and the 151 Talented Scholar of Zhejiang Province (浙江省151人才). He is an adjunct Professor at Hebei Academy of Science, China (河北省科学院). He has published over fifty papers in refereed journals and conferences. His research interests include Intelligent Information Systems, Multiagent Systems, Health Informatics, Knowledge-based Systems, Data Mining, etc. Dr. Zhang serves as the editorial board member and reviewer of several journals including: Fundamenta Informaticae, Information Sciences, IEEE Transaction on SCM, WWW Journal Journal of AAMAS. He serves as publicity chair and program committee member of several conferences such as WISE 2013, KSS 2013, MIC 2013, WI-IAT 2012, APWeb 2012, Australian AI Conference 2010/2009, etc. Dr. Zhang received a number of research awards and grants including: National Nature Science Fund (second CI), National Overseas Scholars’ Fund (Chinese Ministry of HR, First CI), Provincial Natural and Social Science Fund (First CI), Ningbo Nature Science Fund (First CI), etc. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Advances in Information Sciences, Guest editor of Web Intelligence and Agent Systems, Journal of Internet Technology, Journal of Software, etc."

Jaz Wong

Graduate: Griffith University, 2000 Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality
Brief: Jaz started off his long affiliations with AUG as an AUG student himself. Upon graduation Jaz returned to AUG Subang Jaya to help out in the office and was given an education counsellors role due to his connection as an AUG alumni. Since then, Jaz has never looked back as his AUG career takes off in full flight. An illustrious 12 year career would then carry Jaz to invaluable stints at numerous AUG offices (Subang, Jakarta, Beijing, HK, Sydney, Brisbane and the list goes on). His time in Australia also landed him a fulltime role in AUG as Marketing Manager for AUG Sydney. In 2008, Jaz shifted and made a significant career and personal move as he took up the offer to be Manager in AUG Brisbane. He immediately fell in love with the river city and has stayed on since.